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Oded Kahn 
c.v summary 

Career Summary



Counselor at a special education after school activities club.



Guidance counselor in a youth movement



Customer Service and Technical Support for Non Stop, a large internet supplier.


2000 – 2002

Army service in the Artillery brigade and in the Foreign Liaison Relations Division. Dealing with MFO (Peace Keeping Organization) and with the UNDOF.

Maintenance of foreign relations with the Egyptian armed forces


2002 – 2003

Assistant producer on channel 10.

Coordination between guest's appearances and the team members of the studio.


2003 – 2006

 Team Manager at Info Systems - Electronic Stock Counting Company.

Manage and coordinate teams for electronic stock counting and

Data configuration for large department stores and chain stores. (such as ACE, Fox, Zara, Castro, Pull & Bear)


2006 – 2007

Manager and Senior Sound Engineer for Surround Studios.



Sound Engineer Instructor at the "Shafririm" Special Education School, whilst working as an engineer for Surround Studios.

Developing a tailored sound engineering schedule for the special education pupils and teaching.


November 2008 to present day

Freelance Guitar Instructor and freelance musician.

Playing as a hired musician for weddings studio recordings and producing other musicians.



Lead Guitarist and Executive Producer at Underground Music Band & The Diamonds .- French-Israeli wedding bands



Continue Teaching and playing music whilst founding “Mad Eye Music” a music production company focusing on making tailored music for every need.



Moved to the Netherlands with my partner, teaching and performing with various local artists.


2015 - 2017

Performing with 4Tuoze Matroze – a well established Dutch band.


2017- 2020

Co-Founder and Musical Director at Lucky Beat Music School.




Press Kit – Musical Projects



2002 – 2008

Lead / Rhythm Guitars, Lead / Back Vocalist @Pai-Mei, Rock Band



Soundtrack composer @student film



Founder, Lead Guitarist, Lead vocalist @Mindless Echoes, Progressive Rock Band.


2011 – 2012

  • Co-Producer @ProgStage, Music Events Organization.


  • Co-Producer @RockComfort, Multi Band Musical one off.


  • Founder of Mad Eye Music – Music Production Company, Musical Experimentation.


  • Executive producer @Underground Music Band, a wedding and formal events band.


  • Lead Guitarist @The Diamonds, A wedding and formal events French-Israeli band.



  • Paint My Music – Two Painters, one Musician – An exploratory show on mood manipulation and improvised creation. Sponsored by Volvo (Israel), the curator Bosmat Niron.


  • Composer @Art exhibition by a guest Japanese painter – Holon Art Museum.


  • Musician, Producer @KaHnO, solo album.


  • Producer, Gutiar, Bass, Keys, Mixing @Self promotion video


  • Composing, Recordings and Mixing demos @Kizi online gaming site.


  • Composing, Recordings and Mixing @Miles Of Musik, music library.


2015 - 2017

Bass Guitar @4Tuoze Matroze – a well established Dutch band.



  • Muscial Producer, Bass, Guitars @Orange Tea Theater's production of Reservoir Dogs


  • KonnektId Collaboration, Ukulele Workshop – A historical perspective and an introduction.


  • Guitarist @Fiverr Collaboration with Kutiman


  • Musical producer @Marjolein Stehmann & Band.



Co-founder and Musician @LiveYoga, Yoga & live music classes.



  • Composer, Editor, Mixing @Nightmare, a short film by Prasad Sawnat



  • Construction of the Mad Eye Music Studio in Amsterdam NL

*Link to Come*


  • Composer, Multi-instrumentlist, Mixing @Acculmulate Dissipate, A story of loss and grief.



Co-Founder, Musical Director @Lucky-Beat Music school




Education and Qualifications



Elementary School in Beit Yitzhak (Israel).



Regional High School - "Rupin" (Israel).



Overseas Family School - Majoring in Art and music (Singapore).



"Rupin" High School.



Graduated with distinction from the Yoaav Gera - Sound Music School (Israel).



Graduate of Yaakov Algranati's Luthier School (Israel).


2009 – 2012

Student at the Israeli Open University – studying a joint degree of Social Studies and Humanities.



Student @Underground Music School, Professional Music school ran by the French-Israeli virtuoso Laurent Naksh.


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